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General FAQs

What hospitals are you affiliated with?
Our primary affiliation is with Brookhaven Memorial Hospital in Patchogue, NY and with NYU Winthrop Hospital, a comprehensive tertiary care hospital in Mineola, NY, we also have working relationships with the physicians at St. Francis, Stony Brook, NSUH/LIJ as well as several hospitals in New York City.

What are the hours available for appointments?
We have appointments available between 8 am and 5:30 pm Monday thru Thursday and 8 to 2 most Fridays. Phones are on from 8am and go to service after 4:30 Monday through Thursday and 3pm Fridays.

What credit cards do we accept?
Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and debit cards.

What insurances do we accept?
We accept almost all plans. Check with your insurance company to verify. If you still have a question you can call our billing department at prompt 6.

What if the medications my cardiologist prescribes are not covered by my insurance plan?
Bring a copy of your formulary to the office and the doctor will choose a comparable medication if one exists. If one does not exist there are pre authorizations and over rides you may qualify for. Always let us know when there is any issue with taking a prescription, we can usually solve it!

What if I cannot afford the medication?
If you are already prescribed the formulary medication or generic there are patient assistance programs we can apply to with you. And many local pharmacies have inexpensive plans for generics we can put you in contact with.

When can I expect my disability forms to be completed?
As long as you are disabled for a cardiac condition we ask for 2 weeks for completion otherwise you will be referred to the appropriate physician.

What about other forms?
Most other forms require the same 2-week timeframe.

How do I obtain my records?
The appropriate release form must be completed and the fee is 75 cents per page.  Again a period of two weeks is often necessary.

Nuclear Stress Test

Can I have decaf coffee?

Can I have coffee during the break?

Is it safe to be around kids?
Yes, but as a precaution you may not want to have prolonged and close contact at the same time around kids for the next 48 hours.

Does a little caffeine matter?

Do I need an IV?

Do I have to lay flat?
Yes, for the most part, however there is a cushion under your legs and a pillow under your head.

Is herbal tea ok?
No, stay away from all tea products to be on the safe side.